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Night curfews and new decisions of the Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health announced the decisions of the Supreme
Committee for Infectious Diseases. The statement stated:
“In line with the decisions taken by the Supreme Committee for Communicable Diseases under the Infectious Diseases Law No. 45/2018, the Ministry of Health decided to implement the following additional preventive decisions in this statement:
The Supreme Committee for Infectious Diseases met at 21:30 on 12/29/2020 due to the increasing cases of Covid-19 seen in the September 9th Primary School, and took the following decisions to stop the spread of the epidemic. Previous quarantine decisions to enter Cyprus, which were set by the country, were extended from December 31, 2020, until January 31, 2021, at 23:59.
People who were reported to have had first-class contact with cases at 9 September Primary School were transferred to quarantine hotels. It was decided to keep all students, their families, teachers and school personnel in home isolation until 1/10/2021. Legal actions will be initiated in accordance with the Infectious Diseases Act against those found not to comply with home quarantine rules during inspections. These families will not accept guests in their homes until the specified date.
It has been decided that the midterm vacation for the school year in all primary and secondary schools in the TRNC will be between 04-15 January 2021 (both dates are included).
Classes, kindergartens, tutoring and course activities were suspended between 12/31/2020 and 01/18/2021 (including both dates). Tests of students who will participate in international exams can be taken between these dates on the condition that Covid-19 measures are taken.
Due to the recent increase in cases in South Cyprus, all cross-border transfers from 12/31/2020 to 01/10/2021 (including both dates) will be subject to quarantine, except for diplomats. The permits of people who were allowed by the Ministry of Health to pass without quarantine to work in South Cyprus during the new year period until 01/10/2021 were also canceled.
It was decided to impose a curfew from 12/31/2020 until 01/04/2021 (including both dates) from 22:00 at night until 05:00 in the morning. Health workers, police personnel, the law, and people on duty will be exempt from this law.
From 12/31/2020 until 01/3/2021 (including both dates), more than 10 people are prohibited from gathering in homes.
In addition to the decision not to hold New Year’s Eve events and all kinds of entertainment activities in open and closed places, the opening ceremonies for workplaces, theater, Christmas, collective worship, engagement, wedding, religious festival, etc. have been added. The suspension of these activities, which came into effect by publishing it in the Official Gazette on 12/29/2020 until 01/03/2021.
The Supreme Committee for Infectious Diseases will meet again on 01/04/2021 to assess the situation ”.

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